Accelerated Reader

How does Accelerator Reader (AR) work?  Each child is given a reading test.  This test gives us the reading level of that child.  These reading levels are represented by color dots on each book.  These dots lets the child and the teacher know which books the child can read independently.  We let each child go up and down one level.  When a child reads a book he or she take a quiz, if they pass the quiz they earn points.  We also use the reading test to set a goal for that child.  These goals are determined by the reading test scores and are set by the AR program.  At the end of the year we retake the reading test to see if there is growth.  If a student has read to meet his or her goal, we see considerable growth. We have seen as much as two years of growth in some students.  Remember each child will grow at a different rate. 

Why all the concerns about students reading at different levels?  Each student is exposed to different vocabulary during their lives and develops words they use in speech and writing.  By expanding the vocabulary level of each student grows in all academic areas.


This is the goal-setting chart we use for 4th and 5th at Stonewall Jackson Elementary School.

ZPD (Zone of Proximal Development):  The Zone of Proximal Development defines the reading level range from which a student should be selecting books for optimal growth in reading without frustration. 

Now for an example a student is at 2.8 ZPD.  What does this mean and what is the goal for this child?  I will be using the chart below and if you review it, the explanation should make sense. 



  The student has been tested and their level is established as ZPD 2.8.  That means that this student should be able to read any book in this level with little or no help.  Now the teacher and the librarian will recommend books from the 2.3 to the 3.3 for this child.  Each week they should earn 2.3 points to stay on their goal.  At the end of 6 weeks they should have earned 14 points. At the end of a 12 week period they should of earned 28 points.  If they have been reading books at levels between 2.3-3.3 they will have growth in their reading scores.  Each book is scored different points the harder the words and the amount of words determine the points for that book.  If the student reads more books at the 3.3 levels than the 2.3 levels their reading level will go up dramatically.  If they are reading more books at the 2.3 levels then their reading level will not go up dramatically.   

A special thanks to Washington-Lee for this excellent description of Accelerated Reader!













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