The Great Kapok Tree
By Lynne Cherry

You will use the Internet to locate a map that shows the world's rain forests. Using the world map, color in the areas of rain forest and label the equator. Students learn that rain forests occur primarily around the earth's equator. Students will write about what they learned about the location of the world's rain forests.
Rainforest Map
World map with continents labeled
Amazon Interactive - A map of the rain forests


Print out a copy of the Rainforest Worksheet to use for the following activities.
  • Make a list of the animals that live in the rainforest.
    First, make a list of the animals that you met in The Great Kapok Tree.
    After you have the animals from the story, see if you can find any other animals that live in the rainforest at Animals of the Rainforest
  • Make a list of 5 plants that are found in the Rainforest Biome.


Draw a picture of the rainforest. Label the layers of the rainforest. Use Exploring the Rainforest for help
Pick a letter from the card pile next to the computer. Print out a rainforest animal using your letter and color the picture. These will be combined into a class book. Get your picture from A is for Ant.
 Go to Kid Pix and draw your own picture of the animal that you have chosen.  We will make a slideshow of these pictures.  Be sure to include the animals name and one fact about the animal on your slide.
Just for fun: The Rainforest Field Trip
Create a presentation or brochure about the rainforest using the information and facts that you have collected on your rainforest journey! You may use PowerPoint, Publisher, or KidPix to create your project. Put all of your information sheets and activities in your Rainforest Portfolio. You will present your project to the class.

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