SMARTer SMARTBoard™ Use: Finding and Creating SMART Lessons

Online Activities Listed by Grade Level

Math - Virtual Manipulatives
     This website includes interactive hands-on activities for Pre-K to 12 in the areas of Numbers and Operations, Algebra, Geometry, Measurement, and Data Analysis & Probability.  These are great for use with the SMARTBoard, on individual computers for practice, or even just projected onto a screen and done as a class activity.
            Great Sites for Using SMARTBoard™ Technology
These are some excellent K-3 links.


SMART Technologies Education Pages Engaging Learners the SMARTBoard Way
SMART Web Site SOL Resources (more than just SMARTBoard)
SMARTBoard™ Lesson Ideas SMARTTECH
Harvey's Math Notebook files Wichita SMARTBoard lessons SMARTBoard website for K-12
Elementary (K-5)
Interactive Internet Resources SMART Notebook Activities
SMART Exchange SMART Notebook Collections
TeqSmart (Free login required) "Magnetic" Place Value Board
Talking Calculator 384 Geography Games
Created in Quia
SMART Tips Interactive Math Sites for the SMARTBoard
Using MAPS with the SMARTBoard™ SMARTBoard Favorites
Decimal and Whole Number Jeopardy
Created in Quia
Count Hoot: Addition and Subtraction
Ways to use your SMARTBoard™ in your classroom
  • Digital storytelling
  • Brainstorm
  • Take notes directly into PowerPoint presentations
  • Reinforce skills by using on-line interactive web sites
  • Create a project calendar
  • Teach editing skills using editing marks
  • Use highlighter tool to highlight nouns, verbs, adjectives, etc.
  • Use it with Kidspiration or Inspiration
  • Teach students how to navigate the Internet
  • Illustrate and write a book as a class. Use the record feature to narrate the text.
  • Diagram activities
  • Teach steps to a math problem.
  • Have students share projects during Parent/Teacher/Student conferences
  • Graphics and charts with ESL learners and special ed students.
  • Teach vocabulary
  • Electronic Word Wall
  • End each day by having students write one thing that they learned
  • Save lessons to present to students who were absent
  • Create video files to teach a software application, a lesson, or as a review to be posted to the server or web. Example: How to create a graph in Excel or how to burn projects to CDs
  • Use the built in maps to teach continents, oceans, countries, or states and capitals.
  • Present presentations created by student or teacher
  • Have students create e-folios including samples of their work and narration


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