Online Activities for use on an Interactive Whiteboard (like SMARTBoard™) that can help build your skills for greater SOL success.

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Analog Clock    
Lecky's Picture Painting
(Color Sequencing)
Lecky's Friends
(Mouse Control/ Language Development)
Scary Spuds
(Mouse Control)
Color Train
(Color Matching
Butterfly Match
(Color and Pattern Matching)
Color Labeling
Goldilocks and the Three Bears
(Interactive Story)
Reading Kindergarten  
Sammy's Shapes One Little Ball
Take It Away
String of Beads
(Color and Pattern Matching)
Counting with Lecky
(Counting & Numeral Recognition)
Compare and Order
(in English and Welsh)
Recognition to 10 / ten Body Part Matching
Number Labeling Fish Tank
(Number Matching)
Two More Than
Where can I play? SNAP! Two Less Than
The Gingerbread Man Count the Fish  
Build a Character
(and write about it!)
Analog Clock Pushes and Pulls
Sentence Help
(2D & 3D)
CH & SH Sounds Matchstick Patterns Forces in Action
Compose Music Estimation Forces and Movement
  Johnny's Math Page  
Guess The Instrument Fraction Pizza Habitats
Cloud Maker Bead Numbers Fireworks of Glass
Dinosphere: Now You're In Their World
(ABC Book, Make a Movie, Dinosaur Hunter)
All Aboard Who's Your Mummy?
My Pyramid Blast-Off
(food pyramid)
Simple Machines Aesop's Fables
Clifford Interactive Stories Audio Stories
Little Animals Activity Center
The Number Game
Even and Odd Reading Grade ONE
Place the Penguin Pattern Blocks
Reading Grade TWO
Science and Health  Social Studies The SUPERSPELLER - Prefixes and Suffixes


Collage Machine Collage Machine II Freaky Frank's Music Machine
Literary Doodle Splash Kid's Jungle Best Friends Poetry/Writing
Fireworks of Glass Dinosphere: Now You're In Their World
(ABC Book, Make a Movie, Dinosaur Hunter)
Comic Creator
StoryMaker   Kids' Poetry Page
Habitat Adventure: Panda Challenge Science and Health Science Videos and Links
Ben's Guide to US Government TimeLine Maker
SOL Pass
Social Studies    
Interactive Fractions Grapher Math Resources -- WOW!!!!
Tangrams Math Mayhem
+ , -, x, /
All About Money
It's About Time Oddball Pattern Blocks
  Base 10 Blocks   Cuisenaire Rods   Fraction Bars

Disclaimer: The links here have been scrutinized for their grade and age appropriateness; however, contents of links on the World Wide Web change continuously. It is advisable that teachers review all links before introducing online activities to students.

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