SMARTer SMARTBoard™ Use:
Finding SMART Lessons

Teachers will learn to use SMARTBoards™ effectively and creatively to enhance lessons,
student interest, and student performance.
SMARTBoard™ Lesson Podcasts Video -  How to use the SmartTechnology Database of Lessons 60 Sec Tech: Creating Interactive Pages
SMART Technologies Education Pages 2 Minute Tutorial - Notebook Basics 60 Sec Tech: Create Shapes & Text, Part 1
SMARTBoard™ Recorder Video Tutorial 2 Minute Tutorial - Touch, Write, and Save 60 Sec Tech: Making a Reveal Page, Part 2
Download Beta Lesson Activity Toolkit 2 Minute Tutorial - Using PPT 60 Sec Tech: Importing MS Word
Download Notebook Software 2 Minute Tutorial - Using Excel and Word 60 Sec Tech: Importing PPT
New Creating Lessons Using SMART Notebook Software - video demo 2 Minute Tutorial - Notebook Software Gallery 60 Sec Tech: Infinite Cloner Tool & Importing Pictures
60 Sec Tech 2 Minute Tutorial - Notebook Software Page Sorter 60 Sec Tech: Extra Smart Tools & Changing Languages
  2 Minute Tutorial - Other SMART Tools 60 Sec Tech: SMART Notebook File Linking
Carter School SMART Board Lessons Math Lessons - from JMU Tequipment's Educator Resource Center Lessons
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