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Rex Gearheart



Superintendent’s Message


Over the last several years we have established a formula for success in the Bristol Virginia Public Schools.  Many components comprise this formula, and each is equally important.  First of all, we have hard working teachers, staff and administrators who understand the needs of our families.  We welcome everyone who comes to our doors and embrace the diversity in our community that makes our schools special.  Our teachers have a nurturing disposition and give their all to inspire their students to become productive citizens equipped with the skills to be successful in the 21st Century work place.



Moreover, our teachers have been trained to incorporate movement, technology, differentiation, music, the arts, hands-on activities and small group instruction into their data driven lesson plans.  This allows our faculty to meet the individual needs of every child we teach so they can learn with confidence in their abilities to achieve at the highest possible level.



Second, our school board is supportive and unified with the vision that our schools are the centerpiece of our community.  Our Vision Statement is Building Bristol’s future, one student at a time, and we believe in forging positive relationships with our families to meet the needs of our children so they can continue to make Bristol a good place to live.  Our board is also focused on community outreach and family engagement to foster student participation and success in academic and extracurricular activities.



Third, our staff works as hard as anyone to meet our students’ nutritional, transportation and instructional needs.  Our nutrition staff provides breakfasts and lunches for most of our students, and in schools that qualify they provide a fresh fruit or vegetable snack to every student every day.  Our bus drivers see that every child gets home safely each day and communicate well with families and our schools, and we transport students in some capacity all day long and well into most nights.  And our instructional paraprofessionals work side by side with our teachers to provide prescriptive interventions and small instruction to maximize student achievement.



Finally, our programs offer everything from art, music and rigorous advanced courses to after school and summer enrichment and instruction in alternative settings to provide the safest, best and most equitable learning environment for every child.  We encourage you to visit our schools and meet with our teachers to discuss your child’s needs.  We also ask that you support us in fostering good habits such as good attendance and behavior and hard work, all of which equate to success later in life.





Rex Gearheart

Superintendent Bristol Virginia Public Schools